Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Distributed Computing Projects

I'm adding two more projects for my distributed computing effort under BOINC: Cosmology@Home and Proteins@Home, which resumed operations recently. I now participate in eight BOINC projects:
  • Rosetta@Home - proteins reseach
  • SIMAP - proteins research
  • Cosmology@Home - compares theoretical models of the universe with astronomical and physics data
  • Einstein@Home - searches for pulsar using data from LIGO and GEO gravitational wave detectors
  • SETI@Home - searches for intelligent life using data from Arecibo
  • Malaria Control - transmission dynamics of malaria
  • SHA-1 Collision Search - searches for weaknesses in SHA-1 hash function
  • Proteins@Home - proteins research
So far I have 58,000+ credits from the eight projects, enough to rank me at #75 in the Philippines and #131,000 in the world

I am also participating in Folding@Home using my PlayStation 3.

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