Thursday, August 21, 2008

WoW Account Unfairly Closed

I got this email from World of Warcraft today:

"This is a notification regarding the World of Warcraft account ******. Access to this account has been permanently disabled for exploitation of the World of Warcraft economy or for being associated to accounts which have been closed for intended exploitation. While we try to be as lenient as possible in our assessments of the results of exploitation investigations, exploitative endeavors on your accounts have ultimately lead to their closure. The recurring subscription on the account has been disabled to prevent further charges."

This is totally weird and unfair. I stopped playing since May, and although I have the intentions of playing again sometime in the future, I deleted my credit card info in my account, so it's been inactive for almost three months now.

I really can't understand why my account got closed. I don't farm, sell gold or use bots or even utilize modded UIs. It may have been hacked but I suspect that some people in my guild or buddy list have violated the TOS and I got penalized too.

Is this guilty by association?

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