Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Upgrading my PC

I began the piece-by-piece upgrade of my desktop computer. Currently I am using an AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ processor, with 1 gig of Geil RAM, an MSI mobo that comes with an NVIDIA chipset, and 2 hard drives totalling 750 gigs of space. 

I will initially replace the motherboard (the old one conked out last weekend) with an EMAXX one with an AMD 780G chipset. The new Am2+ mobo looks good in specs: SB700 southbridge, ATI Radeon 3200 integrated graphics, 64 mb of SidePort memory,  gigabit LAN, DX10 and DVI and HDMI outputs. Two gigs of Geil DDR2 800 should go into this too. 

Next step would be the processor. I intend to replace my current one with an AMD Phenom quad core processor, probably a 9750. After that, a new video card (I had my eye on an ATIRadeon  4670, maybe a 4850 if my Adsense earnings would allow it ;P), and a new case and LCD monitor. 

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